Does a Gambler Ever Stop? – This Betting Addiction Can Be Controlled

A gambler by definition has an addiction: gambling. When that addiction ends – usually it doesn’t – the person then looks for a way to stop gambling and recover 먹튀폴리스 from it. Many stop at the first bad step and never get to recovery. However, for those that do reach the recovery phase there is always hope.

With more focus on the huge cost to society and the personal, and the harm to the addict, better treatment and more effective coping skills are constantly being developed. This is the key: “Cures come from treatments.” The most successful technique I’ve found for treating money gambling addiction is called the “Gambler’s Bill of Rights.” It is highly successful at helping many people recover from addiction. In fact, it has helped many people stop needing the help they receive to stop gambling.

So, does a gambler ever really stop? And if so, why? There are two answers to that question. One answer is the old-fashioned, “You can’t stop doing what you love to do.” The second answer is much more exciting, “You can stop gambling if you know how.” That’s where I believe many people fail.

The first answer is what makes the gambler stop gambling; the result of ongoing trauma. The second answer is much more interesting; it is the result of an addiction cure being applied. The gambling addiction is the result of repeated attempts at quitting, all of which are unsuccessful. The solution is not gambling another day. The cure involves new strategies and new mental habits for decision making in the future.

Those who think they can stop because they feel “starved” of gambling will discover they have been bitten by the same bug. Addiction is the result of compulsive behavior and until that behavior is changed, it will never go away. People think they are cured when the addiction has been eliminated; however, that the cure does not exist. If someone would ask the question, “Does a gambler ever stop?”

Researchers have shown that the release of dopamine during gambling occurs in brain areas similar to those activated by taking drugs of abuse. In fact, similar to drugs, repeated exposure to gambling results in lasting changes in the human brain. People who ask the question, “Does a gambler ever stop?” may benefit from learning more about addiction and how repeated use produces biological changes.